Tyranny for the Greater Good: Fuck the Unvaccinated and Pardon my French

The data below demonstrates that, with the current rates of vaccinations in countries like the UK -that means most of the Western World-, the vast majority of victims of COVID-19 are vaccinated. Also, if you publish this fact in one of our “beloved” Social Networks you risk to be cancelled… And, yeah, it happened to me.

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No matter that this is actually official data from the UK HSA, no matter that I explained the reasons why this data looks so in my post, and no matter that I opened an appeal process in that “beloved” Social Network to have my post reinstated… None of it mattered; they confirmed to me that I was being cancelled for spreading misinformation.

The “beloved” Social Network was LinkedIn, but this is a wide spread problem in our society; we, the people, believe we have the right to suppress others’ opinions -and fuck them up… keep reading- for “The Greater Good”.

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