Tyranny for The Greater Good: The Australian Thought Police

Novak Djokovic has become the greatest tennis player of all times by not playing… My respects.

The leaders of the Australian government “consider that his presence may be a risk to the health of the Australian community” and that he could provoke “civil unrest” because he is “a person of influence and status” and, finally, Djokovic deportation “will keep Australians safe”.

Djokovic “risky”, “unresting” and “unsafe” opinion is that everyone should freely decide whether to vaccinate or not based on their best judgement. How he dare! Well, now Australians can feel safe again thanks to their thought police and enjoy their Australian “Closed” 2022.

Tyranny for The Greater Good: Vaccination Pa卐

Remember, we used democracies to do this for The Greater Good… When are we going to learn?

For the Greater Good

Oh! If somebody mentions about saving lives with vaccination passes… In some European countries like, I don’t know, Germany, you can use public transportation if you are vaccinated but you cannot if you only have a test proving you are not infected. Since vaccinated people can be infected -specially now with new virus variants- this means German authorities are allowing infected people to use public transportation while preventing those with scientific prove they are not infected from doing so. Unvaccinated only choice is to have a walk if they cannot afford private transportation… Stupid? Yeah, but so much more… ins’t right Herr Kanzler and sympathizers? So. much. more.

Tyranny for the Greater Good: Forced Sterilization & Vaccination

Forced Vaccinations are not the only case where democracies have acted in the name of “The Greater Good”. There are many unfortunate instances; in 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court decided, by a vote of 8 to 1, to uphold a state’s right to forcibly sterilize a person considered unfit to procreate -case known as Buck v. Bell.

Tragic as that part of our history is, what it is interesting for today’s attack to our fundamental personal liberties by our “beloved” and democratically elected leaders, is the justification the Supreme Court of the United States gave… yeah, you guessed right, “The Greater Good” but… oh surprise, something else:…

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Tyranny for the Greater Good: Fuck the Unvaccinated and Pardon my French

The data below demonstrates that, with the current rates of vaccinations in countries like the UK -that means most of the Western World-, the vast majority of victims of COVID-19 are vaccinated. Also, if you publish this fact in one of our “beloved” Social Networks you risk to be cancelled… And, yeah, it happened to me.

No alternative text description for this image

No matter that this is actually official data from the UK HSA, no matter that I explained the reasons why this data looks so in my post, and no matter that I opened an appeal process in that “beloved” Social Network to have my post reinstated… None of it mattered; they confirmed to me that I was being cancelled for spreading misinformation.

The “beloved” Social Network was LinkedIn, but this is a wide spread problem in our society; we, the people, believe we have the right to suppress others’ opinions -and fuck them up… keep reading- for “The Greater Good”.

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Tyranny for the Greater Good: The Vaccine Axis

Some of our “beloved” leaders in the European Union (Hallo Kameraden) have decided that the forced vaccination of adult human beings is an excellent idea that serves “The Greater Good”. They don’t call it “forced vaccination” though since they claim that we are not being physically forced into it and we have a choice; pay huge financial penalties that, if not fulfilled, land us in prison or, alternatively, lose our jobs and become homeless… I guess now rapists in these countries can claim they didn’t physically forced their victims since victims had “the choice” to die at gun point instead having “voluntary” sex with them. Inst’ it great how our “beloved” leaders play with words?

Austrian “Beloved” Leader

I find exceedingly interesting though that the first countries in Europe to legislate the forced vaccination of adult human beings to prevent COVID-19 were Austria, followed closely by Germany and preceded by Italy with a general mandate for all workers and then, out of jealousy for the Supreme decisions taken in the German speaking world, with force vaccination of adults of 50 years old or older. Austria, Germany and Italy; the countries that triggered World War II in 1939. What are the chances? No, really, let’s calculate those chances:

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Social Network Analysis & GOP Verbal Attacks

Not that I know anything about the GOP debates or candidates, but I casually saw in a CNN post this nice visualization of verbal attacks during the RL GOP Debate, and I thought that I would do a little SNA and try to draw conclusions on the debate WITHOUT actually having seen it…

let’s see how it goes and, please, if you’ve seen the debate and know better than me, let me know if I am very wrong 🙂

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Priesthood, Pedophilia & Homosexuality

  • At most 22 percent of catholic priests in the USA are homosexuals.
  • Homosexual men in the USA, as a group, molest children at a rate at least 15 times higher than heterosexual men.

One  asteroid rubs Earth, a meteorite crashes on Russia and, a few days later, Pope Benedict XVI took the cosmic message and resigned. Nonetheless many people question the true reason for his resignation alleging that it has nothing to do with fatigue but rather with homosexuality networks within the Church (CNN guest claiming a 50% of homosexuals among priests) and unresolved pedophilia scandals. So I took a look at this percentage with our best friend when it comes to politically incorrect statistics; Bayes’ Theorem, and I got the results displayed above.


I know, I know, the numbers are pretty crazy, but they are based on data fetched from official sources and, before going into the details, let me play sociologist. Although homosexuals, as a group, molest children at higher rates than heterosexuals it is very important to realize that this does not necessarily mean homosexuals are more prone towards this behavior, assuming this might constitute an ecological fallacy, in this case it makes more sense that this outcome obeys to the fact that young boys are way less protected by parents than young girls and predators take advantage of this.

The Calculations

To estimate the rate of homosexuals among catholic priests we will first estimate how much more likely are male homosexuals to engage in pederasty compared to male heterosexuals, then we will use this result join with the by gender percentage of children abused by catholic priests (81 percent of the victims were males in the USA) to calculate the final figure.

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Racial Profiling vs Description of the Suspect

You are a policeman in a car chase of a criminal wearing globes and a mask, the most likely scenario according to statistics is that the criminal is a white person. Then the car stops in front of a bar and the criminal rushes in getting rid of the globes, mask and changing his clothing. You enter the bar and you see a white guy and a non-white guy. Who should you question first? The non-white guy. Racism? No, Bayes’ Theorem.

reverse-racial-profilingAccording to the US Department of Justice racial profiling is defined as:

Any police-initiated action that relies on the race, ethnicity, or national origin rather than the behavior of an individual or information that leads the police to a particular individual who has been identified as being, or having been, engaged in criminal activity.

A key part in this definition is where it justifies the police-initiated action when there is information that leads to a particular individual. In other words, if there are witnesses saying that the thief was a barefooted blond white little girl wearing a green blouse and a red tutu then going after girls looking like that would not be considered racial profiling but simply checking on the description of the suspect.

But how about if the police-initiated action is not based on information coming from witnesses but in information coming from statistics? Is information coming from statistics still information according to the definition of the US Department? Continue reading

Israel vs Palestine: Who is to blame according to statistics?

Data seems to suggest that, though Palestinians are the ones more actively looking for troubles they are also the ones more actively looking for solutions, whereas Israelis seem to adopt a more nonchalant attitude either way.

Child killed by IDF strikesAhmed Jabari Martyr

Ahmed Jabari TerroristIDF targets

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