On the nature of War & Peace

animationAnd just like autumn comes now and again, so does the time when my country, Spain, tears itself apart for one lack of reason or another. You might read all sort of news about it but they will mostly be processed products of a well oiled propaganda machine serving their masters at both sides of the aisle; true it is that the first casualty of war is truth.

In a conflict situation words like truth, freedom, justice, democracy and, in general, any word with a heavy positive charge loses its meaning since they are appropriated by every side in the conflict. Still, regardless where the truth lies pun intended I am more interested in this post about the dynamics of conflicts, why they happen and if they can be prevented or even solved.

For this goal I will not use historical arguments that The Dude might reject with his demolishing counter argumentation, but instead I will lay out a few common sense dynamics for a social simulation to finally discuss its results… Also, at the end I will surrender my opinion for any dude to refute at will.

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Bayesian P-Value… No, for real.

4688cfd1f5c030adc2cdbd611821a189When combining p-values in a meta-analysis framework there are many different methods we can apply based upon where the p-values come from and what their relationship is. The most well known methods being Fisher’s Method and Stouffer’s.

So I thought I would add one more out of fun and because why not; The Bayesian P-Value method! It’s sort of evil… Muhahaha! Muhahaha! Muhahaha!

So this is how….

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