Tyranny for the Greater Good: The Vaccine Axis

Some of our “beloved” leaders in the European Union (Hallo Kameraden) have decided that the forced vaccination of adult human beings is an excellent idea that serves “The Greater Good”. They don’t call it “forced vaccination” though since they claim that we are not being physically forced into it and we have a choice; pay huge financial penalties that, if not fulfilled, land us in prison or, alternatively, lose our jobs and become homeless… I guess now rapists in these countries can claim they didn’t physically forced their victims since victims had “the choice” to die at gun point instead having “voluntary” sex with them. Inst’ it great how our “beloved” leaders play with words?

Austrian “Beloved” Leader

I find exceedingly interesting though that the first countries in Europe to legislate the forced vaccination of adult human beings to prevent COVID-19 were Austria, followed closely by Germany and preceded by Italy with a general mandate for all workers and then, out of jealousy for the Supreme decisions taken in the German speaking world, with force vaccination of adults of 50 years old or older. Austria, Germany and Italy; the countries that triggered World War II in 1939. What are the chances? No, really, let’s calculate those chances:

Europe has 50 countries (for now) and any combination of three countries could have been the first three going full “Supreme Leader” on us, but no, it was specifically Italy, Austria and Germany.

In this case we want to know how many combinations of three countries we may have within 50 choices, and the number is:

\frac{50!}{47! \cdot 3!} = 19,600


There is 1 possibility in 19,600 that Austria, Germany and Italy were, by chance, the first three countries to go full “Supreme Leader” and legislate the most abusive measures to date against personal liberties and freedoms in Europe.

How about if we say these results are not by chance and that the German and Italian speaking population in Europe have something in their collective mindset that makes them miss too much their old authoritarian ways? Let’s hope this “Supreme Leader” virus stays contained among the few countries so far infested and it does not spread to the rest of the world.

For now this is the list of the only five countries in the world bringing “The Greater Good” upon us by legislating the forced vaccination of adult human beings, Austria being the most abusive of all:

  • TURKMENISTAN: all over 18s (Democracy index: 162 – Authoritarian)
  • TAJIKISTAN: all over 18s (Democracy index: 159 – Authoritarian)
  • INDONESIA: all adults (Democracy index: 64 – Flawed democracy)
  • AUSTRIA: all over 14s from February 2022
  • GERMANY: all adults from February  2022
  • Italy: all workers and all adults over 50s in 2022

Perhaps Germanistan, Austrijistan and Italistan would be more suitable names for some countries in the soon to be The Eurojistan Union?

Behaving like a tyrant for “The Greater Good” might be tempting, but let me end with a thought from a well known Austrian that invites for reflection:

The great strength of the totalitarian state is that it forces those who fear it to imitate it

Adolf Hitler