Tyranny for the Greater Good: Fuck the Unvaccinated and Pardon my French

The data below demonstrates that, with the current rates of vaccinations in countries like the UK -that means most of the Western World-, the vast majority of victims of COVID-19 are vaccinated. Also, if you publish this fact in one of our “beloved” Social Networks you risk to be cancelled… And, yeah, it happened to me.

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No matter that this is actually official data from the UK HSA, no matter that I explained the reasons why this data looks so in my post, and no matter that I opened an appeal process in that “beloved” Social Network to have my post reinstated… None of it mattered; they confirmed to me that I was being cancelled for spreading misinformation.

The “beloved” Social Network was LinkedIn, but this is a wide spread problem in our society; we, the people, believe we have the right to suppress others’ opinions -and fuck them up… keep reading- for “The Greater Good”.

That might be the case for the Austrian population that elected the new Austrian coalition government and which, with no shame, explained that the reason for implementing house arrest for the unvaccinated and force vaccines on adults in Austria is:

We all have one goal: to protect the intensive care units

Austrian government justification for Tyranny

Vaccinations rates in Austria -as today- are similar to those in the UK, therefore the death rate for the vaccinated should not be dissimilar which means the unvaccinated pose no risk to the intensive care units in Austria yet, the Austrian “beloved ” leaders lie to their population and everyone else shamelessly to demonize the unvaccinated. Isn’t it much easier when we just blame a minority group we don’t like for all our problems? Another “beloved” Austrian leader from the past might agree… And perhaps so Monsieur Macron, our “beloved” leader in France, but maybe we are taking things out of proportion, let’s take a look at one his latest comments on the unvaccinated:

Les non-vaccinés, j’ai très envie de les emmerder!

Emmanuel Macron – PRESIDENT of FRANCE

It is in French and, as we all know, it is a very refined language to write poetry and talk about love, so we can be sure that Monsieur Le Président de la République Française is expressing himself with utmost respect to those that disagree with him and want to preserve their personal freedoms… Let’s check Google Translate though:

The literal translation of emmerder is actually to cover in shit, this is the way French use to express their will of messing with someone else live, in English language it could be to fuck someone’s life, piss off someone… etc, using one or another depending in which variant of English we use. I think a good translation of the above quotation would be:

The unvaccinated, I really want to fuck them up!

Emmanuel Macron – PRESIDENT of FRANCE

I don’t really like this kind of language but, given the circumstances, I am sure you’ll pardon my French.

Actually I am grateful to President Macron for being so honest, it is not something you see everyday in politics; most of our “beloved” leaders hide behind “The Greater Good” arguments pretending that they care so, so, so much about us. President Macron represents with no excuses the intent of our “beloved” leaders when dealing with the unvaccinated… You know, those people asking for the right not be forced into vaccination like an animal would.

Once upon a time we had a European Constitution that our beloved leaders wanted us to approved. In the draft of that constitution we can read:

Article II-63 Right to the integrity of the person:

1. Everyone has the right to respect for his or her physical and mental integrity.
2. In the fields of medicine and biology, the following must be respected in particular:
(a) the free and informed consent of the person concerned, according to the procedures laid down by law

European Union Constitution

Yeah, that’s right, our “beloved” leaders told us that we had rights to our personal integrity and that any medical procedure required free and informed consent. They wrote that in The European Union Constitution!… Times change; now we simply get fucked.

If you wonder why I always referred to our leaders as “beloved” leaders in this post, it is because they are beloved, we choose them, we have no excuse for their actions because their actions are our actions, we must accept that when President Macron, Chancellor Scholz and Nehammer and Prime Minister Draghi with the rest of our “beloved” leaders act in such a tyrannical way it is because it is our way, they way of the majority, the result of tyrannical democracies over its minorities… Adolf Hitler was democratically elected in a fair electoral process; he also was a “beloved” leader, let’s think about that and about how much responsibility we bear for our “beloved” leaders’ actions, and how we want to be remembered by future generations.

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