Tyranny for The Greater Good: You Know Who Else Passed Vaccine Mandates? Hitler

In an article titled “You Know Who Else Opposed Vaccine Mandates? Hitler” published in the Jacobin magazine we can read that Hitler was actually against mandates…!!?? Suggesting that Adolf Hitler, of all people in human history, was a leader that was all about respecting other people’s choices is a bit of a stretch to say the least. The Jacobin Magazine describes itself as:

Jacobin is a leading voice of the American left, offering socialist perspectives on politics, economics, and culture…

About Us in Jacobin magazine

You know what Adolf Hitler actually was?

  • A Socialist[1]
  • A Leftist Populist Politician[2]
  • An Anti-Capitalist[3]
  • A Darwinian Atheist[4]
  • A Democratically Elected Leader of Germany[5]
  • A Killer of Christians that Opposed Vaccination[6]

Even the Nazi flag displayed predominantly Red Color to attract to their meetings the German Working Class [7] (red color was a common trend among socialists and communists back in those days and still remains so today):

But why would the Jacobin magazine failed to mention all these other things Hitler actually was? We wonder…

Media goes to really wild extends to demonize those that believe vaccination for adults should be a personal decision. Rewriting history and claiming Hitler was against vaccine mandates? These propaganda tricks are something Adolf Hitler himself would use all the way. Let’s check this Jacobin article though…

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Tyranny for The Greater Good: The Australian Thought Police

Novak Djokovic has become the greatest tennis player of all times by not playing… My respects.

The leaders of the Australian government “consider that his presence may be a risk to the health of the Australian community” and that he could provoke “civil unrest” because he is “a person of influence and status” and, finally, Djokovic deportation “will keep Australians safe”.

Djokovic “risky”, “unresting” and “unsafe” opinion is that everyone should freely decide whether to vaccinate or not based on their best judgement… How dares he! Well, now Australians can feel safe again thanks to their thought police and enjoy their Australian Open Closed 2022.

Tyranny for The Greater Good: Vaccination Pa卐

Remember, we used democracies to do this for The Greater Good… When are we going to learn?

For the Greater Good

Oh! If somebody mentions about saving lives with vaccination passes… In some European countries like, I don’t know, Germany, you can use public transportation if you are vaccinated but you cannot if you only have a test proving you are not infected. Since vaccinated people can be infected -specially now with new virus variants- this means German authorities are allowing infected people to use public transportation while preventing those with scientific prove they are not infected from doing so. Unvaccinated only choice is to have a walk if they cannot afford private transportation… Stupid? Yeah, but so much more… ins’t right Herr Kanzler and sympathizers? So. much. more.

Tyranny for the Greater Good: Forced Sterilization & Vaccination

Forced Vaccinations are not the only case where democracies have acted in the name of “The Greater Good”. There are many unfortunate instances; in 1927, the U.S. Supreme Court decided, by a vote of 8 to 1, to uphold a state’s right to forcibly sterilize a person considered unfit to procreate -case known as Buck v. Bell.

Tragic as that part of our history is, what it is interesting for today’s attack to our fundamental personal liberties by our “beloved” and democratically elected leaders, is the justification the Supreme Court of the United States gave… yeah, you guessed right, “The Greater Good” but… oh surprise, something else:…

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Tyranny for the Greater Good: Fuck the Unvaccinated and Pardon my French

The data below demonstrates that, with the current rates of vaccinations in countries like the UK -that means most of the Western World-, the vast majority of victims of COVID-19 are vaccinated. Also, if you publish this fact in one of our “beloved” Social Networks you risk to be cancelled… And, yeah, it happened to me.

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Tyranny for the Greater Good: The Vaccine Axis

Some of our “beloved” leaders in the European Union (Hallo Kameraden) have decided that the forced vaccination of adult human beings is an excellent idea that serves “The Greater Good”. They don’t call it “forced vaccination” though since they claim that we are not being physically forced into it and we have a choice; pay huge financial penalties that, if not fulfilled, land us in prison or, alternatively, lose our jobs and become homeless… I guess now rapists in these countries can claim they didn’t physically forced their victims since victims had “the choice” to die at gun point instead having “voluntary” sex with them. Inst’ it great how our “beloved” leaders play with words?

Austrian “Beloved” Leader

I find exceedingly interesting though that the first countries in Europe to legislate the forced vaccination of adult human beings to prevent COVID-19 were Austria, followed closely by Germany and preceded by Italy with a general mandate for all workers and then, out of jealousy for the Supreme decisions taken in the German speaking world, with force vaccination of adults of 50 years old or older. Austria, Germany and Italy; the countries that triggered World War II in 1939. What are the chances? No, really, let’s calculate those chances:

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On the nature of War & Peace

animationAnd just like autumn comes now and again, so does the time when my country, Spain, tears itself apart for one lack of reason or another. You might read all sort of news about it but they will mostly be processed products of a well oiled propaganda machine serving their masters at both sides of the aisle; true it is that the first casualty of war is truth.

In a conflict situation words like truth, freedom, justice, democracy and, in general, any word with a heavy positive charge loses its meaning since they are appropriated by every side in the conflict. Still, regardless where the truth lies pun intended I am more interested in this post about the dynamics of conflicts, why they happen and if they can be prevented or even solved.

For this goal I will not use historical arguments but instead I will lay out a few common sense dynamics for a social simulation to finally discuss its results… Also, at the end I will surrender my opinion for any anybody to refute at will.

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IQ Tails of Race & Gender

ouroboros042Fear not, I am not going to perform any analysis proving the intellectual superiority of any race or gender. Also, as a 100% Spaniard (I need to check on that though) I do not belong to the “elite” of ethnics groups disputing supremacy, namely: Northern Europeans, Jews and Far-East Asians and, quite frankly, I feel kinda good about it since I’d rather stick to the Latin Lover stereotype which, by all means, it is true.

Recently I came across a video titled Steven Pinker – Jews, Genes and Intelligence. Typically I would have disregarded this video as your standard white supremacy internet rhetoric however, I know Steven Pinker from his published works and achievements, and he is no small fish in the Psychology and Cognitive Science world. That is why I decided to give a shot to his video to see what’s what until he began talking about statistics. These are his words:

“…Jewish achievements might have an explanation on another fact that has long been known; that Jewish score on average higher on IQ tests than any ethnic group for what there’s comparable data. Their mean IQ is between 108 and 115, the mean of the European population is by definition a hundred which means that the Jewish average is a whole standard deviation higher than the [European] average… Importantly, even if the effect is moderate on average it’s a mathematical fact in Normal Distributions, that is Bell’s Curves, that small effects in the average can translate into huge effects at the extreme… So with one standard deviation difference between groups a score that is three standard deviation above the mean in the higher distribution is four standard deviations in the lower distribution which means there are 42 times as many people at that cut off.” – Steven Pinker

In short, according to Steven Pinker there are 42 times more chances for a Jewish baby to be born an IQ genius than for an European one… But, is that really so?


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Robocoap: Text ⇢ Gephi

RobocoapAs promised in the Don Quijote de la Network post, I Just packaged the R code that generated the data used in Gephi to visualize the network graphs describing Don Quijote.

Now it should be fairly simple (or at least simpler) for anybody to generate such graphs for their favorite books. And since the package automatizes the process like if a robot was collecting the coappearances of elements within a text, its name came to be… Robocoap.

For now the package has just one function (novel.coap) intended for books with a novel format. With minor work, and down the road, the package will also handle theater plays & movie scripts formats and, with a little bit more of work, collections of research papers. Until then, enjoy your novels and have fun!